We define concrete objectives, in order to achieve real, measurable and effective results


Involve all stakeholders in a process of jointly defining interests, preferences and needs


to measure, compare and improve continuously the efficiency of water and energy use at plot level


Develop and test an open-source computer system to calculate and compare water and energy use efficiency at plot level in the CR Foia del Pou


Promote the transfer of this tool management to other crops, other geographical areas
and other irrigation systems.


GOINNOWATER bases its strategy to increase crop productivity and to improve the management of irrigation water and energy consumed on the development of an open-source computer programme, which measures the efficiency of the use of these factors, according to different management indicators, which will detect inefficiencies at plot level by applying benchmarking techniques and will propose measures for the continuous improvement of the productivity, profitability and sustainability of irrigated fruit plantations.

The proposed procedure involves calculating a series of management indicators using data from various plots, belonging to different producers; data on water and energy consumption obtained from these same plots in the registers of the respective Communities of Irrigators, and production and quality data recorded by the cooperatives over time. This is a Big Data orientation, focused on the performance of the producer/cooperative as the central axis of decision-making in crop management.


Achieving a reduction in water and energy use and increasing their productivity:

  • will lead to more efficient use of watermás and energy resources

  • will improve the viability economic and therefore the competitiveness of agricultural exploitations

  • will contribute to reduce CO2 emissions el nivel de emisiones de CO2 by reducing energy consumption.

GOINNOWATER exposes the scientific research offer to a clear need of the irrigated agriculture sector, making available to producers a technology that it is designed to meet their needs, with the assistance and advisory services that allow its rapid dissemination and appropriation by users. It starts from the need to strengthen the relationship between producers, Communities of Irrigators managers, cooperatives and researchers, to calibrate and evaluate a decision support system under local conditions, which must be affordable and accessible, thus showing its potential benefits.